The Wrong Lane

Some days, life is a little bit like driving in heavy traffic. No matter what lane you get in, it’s the wrong one!

It's What You See

It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.
~Henry David Thoreau


Beauty is what you’re used to.

An Eye Opener

We close our eyes when we sneeze.

Almost Impossible

It is almost impossible to be good at something you don’t like to do.

The Judge’s New Pants

In the 1940s, Floyd Hunter, the local judge in the small town of Decatur, Indiana, had a side business repairing wooden bowling pins for the surrounding bowling alleys. One day, quite unexpectedly, he was called into court. Not taking time to change his clothes, he showed up in pants all covered with paint splotches and dirt. After a quick hearing, “His Honor” found the perpetrator guilty and fined him ten dollars. On paying, the lawbreaker handed the judge an extra five bucks along with these words, “Here…get yourself some new pants.”

The Scoop on Poop

Sam, Jenny’s son, stayed overnight at a friend’s house and the next morning the neighbors’ dad brought him home.
Nick, Sam’s four–year-old brother answered the doorbell. On entering his friend’s father, asked, “Is your mother home?”
Nick answered, “She’s going poop.”
Jenny heard Nick from the bathroom and was mortified. As a result, she stayed in the bathroom until she was sure he left. On coming out, she saw him still standing in the foyer. She was so embarrassed she couldn’t look him in the eye. Sensing her embarrassment and trying to comfort her, he said, “You know what? I’ve got a book at home called, Everybody Poops.

The Shove

I can’t understand what all the fuss was about when Serena Williams, after being called for a foot fault in the U.S. Open tennis finals, threatened to shove the ball down the line judge’s (expletive deleted) throat. After all, most people in the same situation would have threatened to shove it somewhere else!

Two Terms

After discussing politics with my friend, Dan, he summed it all up when he forcefully said, “I think all politicians ought to be limited to two, four year terms.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, four years in office and four years in jail!”

They Don’t Care

Today, at least in this area, people don’t die, they pass. At first, I didn’t like that phrase. I thought: why doesn’t one just say, they died, because that’s what they did. But after mulling it over, I changed my mind. After all, isn’t death a time when one passes from this life into the next? Still, no matter what we call the last trip…I’m sure it makes no difference to the dearly departed.

It’s Everywhere

Incompetence stalks the land!

A Hard Left

Why is it that many people who demand their constitutional right to free speech are outraged when others exercise theirs and express the opposite view? Perhaps these hypocrites should be given, in addition to their rights, a hard left.

The Nuts

In the last presidential election, ACORN, a liberal community activist group, registered 1.3 million new voters, of which almost a third were rejected, in too many cases because they were fraudulent. Obviously, this was very embarrassing to the Obama campaign. In addition, ACORN’s workers were caught on tape, giving advice on how to get a government loan to run a house of ill repute, using underage prostitutes, from El Salvador.
Now ACORN is trying to blame Fox News, the right wing, and anyone else that doesn’t agree with or support them for their wrong doings. Quite frankly, until I first heard about ACORN, a year or so ago, I always assumed that acorns were nuts. However, it’s nice to know that I’m still right…on both accounts!

What This Country Needs

What this country needs is an honest politician.

A Nickel’s Worth

In the 1940s, when I was about five or six years old, my sister Mousie, being a nice person and loving her baby brother, wanted to trade me a dime for a nickel. She kept trying to convince me that the dime was worth more, but I still wouldn’t trade with her. In my young mind, I thought that if the nickel was bigger, it must be worth more. Even now, in my middle seventies, it still mystifies me why anyone would make the bigger coin worth less.
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